A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are an ape and you must escape.

An old school inspired shooter made in 7 days for the 7DFPS 2014 ( http://7dfps.com/).


  • 2 awesome weapons, 3 awesome levels (play in any order!) and 15 awesome bananas (5 hidden in each level)!
  • Pixel art in 3D space, with the Commodore 64 color palette (because why not).
  • Music! (or something similar to it)

For other awesome things, visit  http://volumeupstudios.com/.

Version differences:

v1.0: Original jam version

v.1.1: A few enemy pathfinding fixes

v.1.2: One low quality menu texture fix, level stats now always show the right level name and no stats are shown if you hit esc in a level

Known bugs:
- Some snakes occasionally decide not to shoot at the player, only follow him
- Some doors occasionally stay open after resetting a level (this doesn't seem to affect doors that need keycards, however)
- Turrets sometimes don't take damage as they should (even from the gun, they shouldn't take damage from the knife)
- A slight possibility to clip trough walls in certain areas

Install instructions

Unzip anywhere, double click the ESC_Ape.exe (or .app or .x86) and have fun!


ESC_Ape_v1.2.zip 19 MB
ESC_Ape_v1.2_Mac.zip 32 MB
ESC_Ape_v1.2_Linux.zip 29 MB
ESC_Ape_v1.1.zip 19 MB
ESC_Ape_v1.1_Linux.zip 29 MB
ESC_Ape_v1.1_Mac.zip 32 MB
ESC_Ape.zip 19 MB
ESC_Ape_Linux.zip 29 MB
ESC_Ape_Mac.zip 24 MB